Meet Keith! Web developer and sample knitter for Purl Soho currently living in Minneapolis, MN, land of a thousand (frozen) lakes.

What are your favorites right now?
Yarn Store: I’ve been a fan of Purl Soho long before I joined the company.
Yarn: Toss up between Blue Sky Fibers Worsted Hand Dyes and Swans Island Company

Why do you knit?:
I learned knitting on a dare probably 15 years ago, and loved it so much I never stopped. There’s something about knitting a thing, whether it’s for me or someone else, and knowing that every single inch of yarn passed through my fingers before it was done that makes it even more special. Plus, it’s meditative and good for my blood pressure!

Most challenging project (and why?):
I once knit several Christmas stockings for a woman whose mother had recently passed away. She asked that I create stockings for her children since her mother was never able to finish stockings for them. I worked to recreate the woman’s knitting habits so the new stockings couldn’t be confused for what was and was not her handiwork. It was a rare privilege to try to imitate someone else’s handwork to create heirlooms that might fool the younger grandchildren. A lot of work, but the results were lovely. I felt a strange bond to a woman I would never meet while studying her knitting. The entire process made me appreciate so much more the things we make and ultimately, leave behind.

What’s your new favorite thing?:
Recently fallen in love with Chance the Rapper and planning on taking up kayaking this summer, once the lakes thaw!

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