Meet Calnek from Western Canada! A late bloomer in the knit game who uses the medium as a full-spectrum creative outlet.

What are your favorites right now?
Yarn Store: 
Great Balls of Wool in Powell River, BC
Custom Woolen Mills 6-strand roving.

Why do you knit?: Having followed a wildly winding path and enjoyed the company of countless personal pursuits, I failed time and again to find a true passion. Knitting pulled up in a white van, dragged me inside, drove me around aggressively, then pushed me out through a portal into a whole new world of personal engagement and freedom of expression. I love every aspect of the process, and I’ve never met a knitter I didn’t like.
When I push myself too hard, my tendons get furious, and they remind me to slow down and breathe.  When this lesson is integrated, I reach a meditative state while knitting, produce better-quality items faster, and enjoy life far more. I like to picture myself as a disciple of knitting masters who have gone before, and those that today share the gift with the world. Every chance I get to be fully immersed and learn something new, it shows me previously unknown aspects of myself and the world. Also, I commit to taking one yarn-themed photo every day. It gets me engaged with every environment and keeps me focused while satiating my appetite for novelty.

Most challenging project (and why?): A hat for myself. I start simply, boredom with simplicity leads to a funky flair, I add design features, encounter someone who I feel needs a hat, and give it away. It’s been 6 months.

What’s your new favorite thing?: In the world – Stephen West’s (@westknits’s) YouTube videos. They give me hope for a better world. In my realm – Creating prototypes of wondrous knitting hardware innovations.

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