Meet Candy from the Philippines! A freelance production designer who also runs a social enterprise called Knitting Expedition that teaches women in a community in the Ifugao mountain region how to knit for a living.

What are your favorites right now?
Yarn Store: Wild & Woolly in London, UK and KPC in Hong Kong
Yarn: The beautiful avocado pit hand-dyed yarn by Woollen Flower

Why do you knit?: Apart from knitting to help my community in Ifugao, I love knitting because it’s such a productive and creative way to pass the time. I bring my knitting everywhere – in airports, on planes, trains and buses, on hikes, in doctor’s offices… I find it also helps me relax and clear my head when I have a lot on my mind.

Most challenging project (and why?): It’s definitely running Knitting Expedition (which is like having several parallel knitting projects on the go, all year round!). I’m not just knitting for my own personal pleasure, but I’m doing it for something bigger than myself. It’s the most challenging but also the most rewarding!

What’s your new favorite thing?: My 10-month old chocolate Labrador, Pacha!

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