Meet Pau from Barcelona!
Pau is a traveling actor and host of the podcast “Pau KNITS” on YouTube. He loves buying a skein of yarn when he travels and knitting a garment as a memento of where he was traveling, and what play he was performing.

What are your favorites right now?
Yarn Store: Fil & Tropia – It is quite new to me, but it has become my favorite and part of my family already! I go there every Thursday and knit with all the lovely people there. We eat cookies and have tea and basically stitch’n’bitch about pretty much everything!
Yarn: I don’t have a favorite, but I have enjoyed Martin’s Lab very much. Also Soc Una Troca, an indie yarn company dyed by Laia out of Catalonia, Spain.

Why do you knit?: I knit because I am a creative person and I love the craftsmanship behind it. My mom taught me the basics, but I really learned once I started working with the theatre company Krepsko, in Helsinki. Everyone in that company knits, so when rehearsing was over we would meet around a table with tea and our knitting projects. We enjoy knitting as much as performing together!

Most challenging project (and why?): I have to say that my most challenging project was my first sweater. It was a very easy top-down raglan, but what made it so challenging was that it was knit in a fingering weight yarn. It took so long to finish! I am neither a very patient, nor a monogamous knitter, so that made it quite hard.

What’s your new favorite thing?: My new favorite thing is actually knitting! I am a bit obsessive, so after a while I get bored of things and jump on to other stuff. Two years ago I was in a knitting phase, and for a long while after I did not touch my needles. A few months ago I rediscovered my passion for knitting and this time I’m enjoying it even more! I have found so many new yarns, dyers, patterns, and techniques thanks to the knitting podcasts I listen to. It is amazing how this community is innovating so much!

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