Meet Jane from San Francisco, CA! Jane is a native Californian and current New Yorker. She works as a hand knitwear designer, as well as sample knitter, pattern maker, and couture embroiderer.

What are your favorites right now?
Yarn Store: L’OisiveThé in Paris.
Yarn: Perhaps Koigu for the colors.

Why do you knit?: What can I say, it’s a supplement I badly need. I still get a sick tactile pleasure from it, even if I’m knitting something as mindless as stockinette. I also get to be my own clothing architect and engineer, so it’s quite freeing. A different kind of consciousness.

Most challenging project (and why?): I fabricated over thrown-away shoes and knitted my own knee high boot wedges with sock yarn and an intricate cable motif traveling along the back. The stakes were high as I had no idea how they would turn out, writing the pattern as I went along, and praying the expense in time would yield something beautiful and make the risk worth it. I also had to be cost effective (substituting DPNs with bamboo skewers) and wield man tools. This involved a lot of physical labor (getting the yarn through the holes was strenuous) and much precision. I birthed what I wanted in the end, thank God — seriously, but I definitely went a little mad in the process when I “had to” unravel one shoe because the cable wasn’t traveling along my leg the way I wanted it to. Never again…

What’s your new favorite thing?: Osmosing the philosophy and perspective of Jeong Kwan (monk chef in South Korea) and her transcendent temple cuisine. Catch her on Chef’s Table (season 3, episode 1 on Netflix) if you can!

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