Meet Amelia! A knitter, yarn dyer and knitwear designer from Indonesia

The photo on the right is Amelia’s latest design called Visiting Mother Shawl, available in Ravelry.

What are your favorites right now?
Yarn Store: I own a yarn store – papiputyarn, so I basically just “buy” the yarn from my shop. But since I love hand dyed yarns so much, I always look out for other dyers’ yarn. One of my favorites is Fern Fiber.
Yarn: I love Merino so much! It’s soft, fluffy, and glides easily between needles. Merino blends are also great.

Why do you knit? Knitting has become a big part of me. It defines who I am, when people ask me “who are you as a person?”, I simply say “I’m a knitter”. I knit to relieve my mind from stress, to kill waiting time, to create something that I can be proud of. There is more than just love in every stitch, it allows me to dream of going to those snowy places that I haven’t been to yet.

Most challenging project (and why)? I have ripped 2 unfinished projects since I started knitting. Both were lace shawls. The last one was an MKAL that had a true lace stitch pattern, and you need to work the lace continuously on the right side and the wrong side, there are no rest rows! I failed at it and decided keep the yarn for other projects in the future. I think I’m not ready for true lace yet.

What’s your new favorite thing? I am currently in love with everything in peach-pink! It’s not just clothes, but also lipsticks! I dye my yarns in that color too.

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