Meet Armenuhi (Am)! An Armenian living in New York City. She is a mathematician turned restaurateur and event manager. She currently takes joy in being a stay-at-home mom to a happy toddler, knitting, designing, and botanically hand dyeing yarn.

The first photo was taken as a part of traditional Armenian celebrations the day before Am’s wedding. The second, is Am wearing her Melissa hat, pattern available on Ravelry.

What are your favorites right now?
Yarn Store:
Purl Soho and Brooklyn General. I love going to both of these for inspiration!
Yarn:  Brooklyn Tweed Arbor and Hey Mama Wolf. They’re both a dream to work with and on the “woolier” side, which seems to be what I’m drawn to these days.

Why do you knit? Knitting is my medium for creativity. It brings me joy, it gives me purpose. It is simply my happy place! Plus, I love the process of making something from a piece of string and a couple of needles, and the possibilities are endless! I would literally knit constantly if I could, and, at this point, I basically don’t ever go anywhere without my project bag (which has also doubled as my handbag lately).

Most challenging project (and why)? The Chrysanthemum Shawl by Aroha Knits – an all lace shawl I knitted for my mother. It was my first time ever knitting a shawl or lace, and I had a crazy deadline to get it done. Each row took me about 30 minutes to knit, and god forbid if I messed anything up!

What’s your new favorite thing? I’m gonna have to go with sewing. It’s the perfect escape from knitting. You still get that gratification from making something, but the results are much more instantaneous. Sometimes if I’m working on a big knitting project, I take a break and do a little bit of sewing instead.

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