Meet Maya from Sweden! A singing actress who was brought up in the countryside of south Sweden; currently living in Gothenburg. She takes every opportunity she has to create things!

The pictures are taken by my lovely friend Ann Gegerfeldt. The first is taken in my home and the second one is in my natural habitat – nature; from which I get the inspiration for my knitting and crafting!

What are your favorites right now?
Yarn Store: There’s already so much yarn in the world that never got to serve its purpose in life. It was made to become something beautiful and useful! Therefore, I buy my yarn in second hand stores and on auction sites online. That makes all my creations unique and also environmentally friendly!

Yarn: My only rule when it comes to yarn is that I want natural materials. If I have to choose a favorite knitting yarn, it´s 3-5 ply wool.

Why do you knit? It´s my way to focus and keep calm. I can’t see my life without it, I’m always knitting and crafting. It´s wonderful to see things come out of nothing. I start with a thread, and then suddenly I have a mitten that can keep me warm. I love being a part of that process!

Most challenging project (and why)? The most challenging projects for me are those with many pieces; the ones that take a lot of time. I have a few half done sweaters at home, and I think, “Some day…”, but then I start on a new mitten design instead.

What’s your new favorite thing? After many years of fighting fibromyalgia, I’m finally able to sing again without having trouble breathing. Not a new thing per say, but my stubbornness has finally paid off! And it feels amazing!

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