Meet Kim from Wisconsin, USA!
Kim is raising 2 little kids in small-town Wisconsin after living in New York City for a big chunk of her adult life. She used to work at the Etsy headquarters, where her job wasn’t crafty, but it is where she learned to knit.

The first photo is taken by a dilapidated farm building near an old mill around the corner from our house and right next to the big river that runs through our town. I like to take my lawn chair over there and knit while my son throws rocks in the river. We spend a lot of time here in the spring.

The second photo was taken on a small sheep and goat farm near our house called Bleating Heart Haven, owned and operated by a fiber artist and master spinner. The yarn in her shop is all “donated” from the sheep and goats she raises. She also has this little donkey. It’s a dream. That is my 3-year-old son I’m holding. It was about 2 weeks before I gave birth to my daughter.

What are your favorites right now?
Yarn Store: There are 2 local, family operated sheep & goat farms that I love to visit because they each have a tiny yarn shop located on their land. Bleating Heart Haven, New Holstein, WI, and Hidden Valley Farm & Woolen Mill – Valders, WI. I also love ImagiKnit, Brooklyn General, Fancy Tiger, and Madison Wool in Connecticut.
Yarn: I try to be as fiber conscious as possible by supporting small businesses and family farms, which is very easy out here in rural Wisconsin. Otherwise, I also love Madelinetosh, Kelsey Family Farm, Brooklyn Tweed, and a new alpaca blend DK that I just discovered from a local farm in Elkhart Lake, WI called Lime Ridge Alpacas.

Why do you knit? Because I can’t not knit. When I first discovered “good” yarn there was no turning back. I had crocheted for years because my mom had taught me, but when I learned to knit in 10 minutes from my friend Julie Schneider after work one day (she’s a really good teacher), I’ve been in love with it ever since.

Most challenging project (and why)? A raglan sweater. I’ve been halfway done with it for 5 months already! I knit one of the sleeves on inside out so I’m a bit discouraged.

What’s your new favorite thing? Probably my 5-month-old daughter. She’s pretty new and very easy to knit for!

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