Meet Erin from Vancouver Island, Canada!
Erin is the owner and knitwear designer of Erin Mae Designs.

What are your favorites right now?
Yarn Store: There are no yarn shops in my town, but Beehive Wool Shop in Victoria, BC is absolutely worth the hour and a half drive, and has always had a special place in my heart. The main reason I love it is that it’s set up in such an organized way, I can always find what I need. The staff are all super friendly and helpful and get just as excited about the yarn that I’m buying as I do, which makes it such a fun shopping experience!

Yarn: This is a bit of a loaded question…my favourite yarn changes probably 10 times a day!  Right now I’m in love with all things linen. Working on summer designs has been challenging in the past, but lately it seems like linen yarns are making a huge impact on the knitting world. I feel that knitting has started to evolve past bulky winter sweaters and garter stitch scarves to become a viable fashion industry that’s sustainable all year long, and that’s so exciting to me.

Why do you knit? How much time do you have? There are so many reasons, but basically, I was born to create. Creativity is so deeply rooted in every part of who I am and I see it as a way to serve others. I grew up watching my Oma knit tiny sweater sets that she would send to orphanages. She grew up in a Mennonite family in Russia and immigrated to Canada around 1918. She was the most selfless person I ever knew; she did all of the cooking, sewing, and knitting for everyone but herself. That had a very big impact on me and I grew up wanting nothing more than to be as humble, gracious, and compassionate as she was. She is the reason I knit.

Most challenging project (and why)? A couple of years ago I knit a very large square Estonian lace shawl. The lace itself was not complicated, but the size was very challenging – it just seemed to go on forever! It probably took me two years because I would get bored of it and leave it for a while, then pick it up again. When it was done, I was so proud of it and it’s probably one of my favourite pieces I have.

What’s your new favorite thing? Sheep! I have always been an animal person, but have really fallen in love with sheep over the last 4 or 5 years. Somewhere along the way I wanted to know more about the process from sheep to sweater. I started researching the different breeds and characteristics each one lends to yarn, and I started to pay attention to where my yarn was coming from and how environmentally friendly it was. I found that there were so many people getting just as excited about breed specific yarns and sustainable farm practices as I was, and that made (and continues to make) me so happy!

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