Meet Lillian from New Jersey, USA!
Lillian is a native of New Brunswick, NJ and owner of Hubcity Fibers, an indie yarn company.  Lillian loves knitting, spinning, and hand dying yarn & fiber.

What are your favorites right now?
Yarn Store: I love supporting other local, independent dyers like Voolenvine, A Homespun House, as well as Hedgehog Fibres.

Yarn: Anything locally sourced that is minimally processed. I love when yarn retains its original, sheepy feel. Recently just knit with Brooklyn Tweed Shelter and LOVE the way it knits up!

Why do you knit? I learned to knit and crochet by accident. I used to go to the library after school everyday in middle school. One day, the librarian approached me and asked if I wanted to join their weekly knitting club. I was the youngest member, the second-youngest was 70. These kind and elderly sages bestowed upon me the knowledge of this addictive craft. Today, I knit because it gives me peace of mind after a long day of working and I love being part of the worldwide knitting community.  

Most challenging project (and why)? My most challenging project was starting up my indie dyeing business. I started the company during my last year at Rutgers University, also known as Hub City. I wanted to create a brand that captured the aesthetic of Hub City, as well as incorporating the original name of Rutgers, which is Old Queens College (hence the crown logo). The history in this city is so rich that there are endless ways to showcase it through art. Sometimes it can feel like being a needle in haystack, but I love seeing people work with my yarn. That is the most satisfying part and is what keeps me going.

What’s your new favorite thing? I love knitting podcasts. I follow along with different knitters around the world from Germany all the way to New York. It is so fun to see what other knitters enjoy to knit and what their day to day looks like.

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