Meet Charlene from Oxfordshire, England!
Charlene lives on a stud farm with her husband Nathanael. She’s a compulsive giggler who loves knitting, reading, cooking, tractors, beards, and dancing!

What are your favorites right now?
Yarn Store: My favorite yarn store would have to be Oxford Yarn Store. It’s a gorgeous wee shop with really friendly staff and homey feeling. A delicious selection of yarns and books as well.
Yarn: Can I pick 2? Anything by Debbie Bliss. There is such an array of different types of yarn, and it’s always good quality. Whenever I knit with her yarn I always feel confident it will last. My second favorite has to be Wool And The Gang. It’s just such a cool, young brand, and really good quality yarn.

Why do you knit? Why I knit is a semi sweet story. My love affair really was sparked when I went to primary school, where we used to have half an hour every week to learn how to knit. I can’t say it was love at first, second, or even third sight but the seeds had been planted. It wasn’t until my late teens/early twenties that a very dear friend of mine reintroduced me to knitting. A true Scottish Highland lady, her method was quick, simple and efficient. I was hooked! But alas, I just stuck to making scarfs. I think I still have that scarf I started all those years ago. Fast forward a few more years, my mum and two of my sisters were diagnosed with cancer. Knitting became my comfort. As my world seemed to unravel around me, I soon began to rely on whatever piece of knitting I had taken with me to the hospital. Whilst they (and so many amazingly beautiful people) were going through their treatment, I would join them sharing in their stories with quiet conversation and the clicking of my needles. Soon I realized that actually I wasn’t too bad at knitting, and I thought mini projects were the way forward. People were asking whether I sold my creations, and before I knew it Loopy Booties was born. I still feel like a beginner knitter. YouTube, books, and yarn shops are all a part of my mecca in helping me when I get stuck, but I just love knitting! I would love to leave my job and knit full time. Maybe one day that will happen, but as long as people are still having babies and I can still knit, Loopy Booties will always be open!

Most challenging project (and why)? I’ve just started knitting a jumper for myself! It’s scary because everything I usually knit is on a small scale for babies.

What’s your new favorite thing? This is really hard. I have at least 10 new favorite things I could rattle off. But, as I’m eating it right now, it would probably be this amazing new gelato by a company called Remeo. It’s handmade in Italy, with all natural ingredients and gluten free. Basically delicious heaven.

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