Meet Lu from Brisbane, Australia!
Lu is a mum to two humans and one furry dog. She’s also an artist, designer, writer, publisher and yarn lover.

What are your favorites right now?
Yarn Store: Initially, I purchased much of my natural fibre yarn from a large haberdashery store and still have a stash of that. I’ve dyed fabric for over 20 years, but when I finally discovered beautiful skeins of yarn online, I started dyeing them and haven’t stopped! Oh, the colors you can achieve! I’ve just started selling as an indie dyer and it’s so much fun creating the yarn stories for that!
Yarn: Oh I love Lotus Yarns! They’re so soft and glide so smoothly  on the needles. And I’m mesmerized by the sock yarn of Opal Regia! I have a few pairs made in that yarn.

Why do you knit? I knit for many reasons. The process of designing is a different story, but knitting is something you can do with family around. It was the first fibre lesson my mother taught me – she was creative and talented in many areas – so knitting is my connection to my Mum who isn’t with us anymore. When I was 6, she taught me with red mohair yarn (the worst yarn ever to learn to knit with) and the memory of that evening is as vivid now as it was then. I picture my mum relishing the journey yarn has taken me on, if she were here.

Most challenging project (and why)? I’m currently trying to get my head around top down, steeked cardigans with motifs, as I’m a cardigan addict with a good stash of DK yarn! The problem is that this type of design seems so tailored to the individual’s measurements that I haven’t been game to start. This hasn’t stopped me from trying to design a pattern with motifs I love (mushrooms, ladybirds, flowers…) I can just cross stitch them. I wanted to have the cardigan made in time for a trip to the USA in September, as Minnesota is supposed to be getting chilly, but we’ll see…

What’s your new favorite thing? The steeked cardigan. It’s consuming me – on paper at least – and while I’ve never made time for podcasts, I’ve started to watch The Grocery Girls. What good fun this is! They have a great balance of new ideas, inspiration, counseling and ever so funny stories. It’s like having buddies online! I find myself talking to them as they chat on about yarn.

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