Meet Carla from The Netherlands!
She is a textile arts teacher and a Knitting Guild Association Master Knitter. She is the owner of The Dutch Knitters, teaching classes for knitters in the Netherlands and abroad. Carla has also authored a number of knitting books listed on her blog.

What are your favorites right now?
Yarn Store: De Afstap, one of the oldest yarn stores in the Netherlands, located in the beautiful heart of Amsterdam. The shop is housed in a 17th century building, which adds character to it. I work there one day a week and love the yarn (including Rowan), books and most of all, great colleagues!
Yarn: At the moment it is Shetland yarn in general, but my favorite brand is Jamieson of Shetland.

Why do you knit? Since I learned how to knit when I was 7 or 8 years old I’m fascinated by the fact that this technique can make a piece of fabric out of a ball of yarn. I even dreamed about knitting when I was younger. Even today I’m obsessed with the special qualities of knitting, like elasticity, the way it feels and preserves warmth, the possibilities to make color work and textures and how it can be made seamlessly in every shape you want. But the bottom line is that I love to knit because it is the perfect way to express yourself while in the flow of this relaxing movements of your hands.

Most challenging project (and why)? For the TKGA Hand Knitting Master certification I had to make a Fair Isle cardigan. It had to be perfect! I even went to Shetland and Fair Isle to prepare for making it and to get the yarn. More in general, writing and publishing a book is really challenge, every time. As a self-publisher, I do most things myself, like the graphical design, photos and images, pattern writing, distribution etc, it feels like a big project on which I usually work for about a year (not including the research).

What’s your new favorite thing? Magic Motifs! I discovered this method in the south of Latvia last year, with it you can hide a personal message in your knitting. The original method uses magical squares and birthdays, but I added all kinds of related methods to make your knitwear more personal

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