Meet Daniela from Prague, Czech Republic! Daniella is a seller of Ashford spinning wheels and looms for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. She is also a teacher of spinning and weaving. She’s been into anything fiber related since childhood and first and foremost she sees herself as a hand-spinner.

What are your favorites right now?
Yarn Store: Our own! Dalin in Prague. Even though the range of commercial yarns isn’t the biggest, there is still plenty for me to choose from.
Yarn: Definitely my handspun yarn, created to match any project perfectly. Ashford yarns are great quality and when going elsewhere to buy, I usually pick Rowan yarns. Good quality and natural origin is crucial for me, also because of my atopic eczema (for years in passive stage, luckily).

Why do you knit? Knitting perfectly accompanies my love of spinning as it allows my yarns to have a practical purpose. I love the transformation of material into a garment. And of course it’s an amazing time for myself and my thoughts, it makes me feel strongly connected to our ancestors and traditions.

Most challenging project (and why)? In general, any sweater project. I just can’t put aside the thoughts that it’s something too big to finish, although I have finished a few in my life! The joy after is real.

What’s your new favorite thing? Actually, it is something not directly related to my creative side, but it’s helping me in many ways – I have totally got into bullet journaling last couple of months and if there’s anyone in the world reading this, please, give it a try! It’s an awesome way to put so many various pieces of your life together, keeping track of all my creations, and having the space for all the details and ideas.

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