Meet Raquel, originally from Zaragoza, Spain!
After living in Belgium, Seville and Sicily, Raquel moved back to Barcelona with her three cats and her partner. Making things with her hands makes her happy, more independent and closer to who she is.

What are your favorites right now?
Yarn Store: All You Knit Is Love in Barcelona.
Yarn: I like rustic woolen yarns – the stories behind them, the consistency and the smell! Hand dyed are my favorite. We have great wool here in Spain, from León or close to us from Portugal. I am currently working on a piece with the Portuguese yarn Mé-mé 20 from Rosa Pomar from Retrosaria and I am in love!

Why do you knit? I started knitting while living in western Sicily. I was running out of clothes and I couldn’t find a top I had in mind in any of the local shops. So one day, I decided to pick up a pair of needles and make my very first cotton top. From then on, I couldn’t stop. And it was only after a few years knitting, when I realized that being capable of creating an entire garment from raw material to finished item (that can warm me and others) makes me feel more independent and socially responsible. Maybe it sounds cheesy, but it is true. It allows me to decide how I want my knitted items to look like and what materials to use. And the most important thing, if the grid goes dark tomorrow, I won’t be cold!

Most challenging project (and why)? Probably the Cherry Bloom cardigan from Lene Tøsti. This pattern was quite a challenge for me as it required color-work (which I find fascinating and complex) and the steeking technique which I never used before.

What’s your new favorite thing? I would say contemporary dance and natural medicine. I have been focusing on both of them for a while now and they make me happy.

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