Meet Adele from Ottawa, Canada!
Public servant by day, creator/owner/head sheep for Louve de Laine by night. Whether she is driving her kids to hockey or karate practice, or snuggling on the couch with the doggies in her life, you can be sure there is a knitting project near by. She won’t leave the house without a project bag in her purse.

What are your favorites right now?
Yarn Store: I mostly shop at Michaels, but do also love the ease of the online shopping options such as Yarn Canada and through Lion Brand.
Yarn: I love a good chunky yarn but mostly work with Lion Brand Yarn – Thick and Quick.

Why do you knit? Back in 2007, cancer entered my life when my mother, Ginette, was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian and peritoneal cancer. One year later, sadly, she earned her angel wings and my life as I knew it stopped quite abruptly. My mother was a passionate knitter. Not an evening went by that she didn’t have at least a few minutes with her knitting needles in hand, a soft smile on her lips, and a sense of serenity and pride as she created something beautiful to give to my sisters and I. For years, my mother wanted to teach me, the “crafty one” of the family, how to knit. I kept pushing it back telling her that I would one day let her teach me.  “Why would I waste my time?” is what I thought back then… well, with her passing, my time ran out. I became obsessed with learning how to knit while grieving the loss of my mother. Perhaps I just thought it was a way in keeping her alive, in feeling close to her and what she loved doing. By knitting, perhaps her spirit, the essence of what made her so special would never die. What I did not anticipate is how this art – knitting – would come to heal me.

While still grieving for the loss of my mom, I received my own diagnosis of cervical cancer. Now cancer-free, it is my passion and goal to educate, raise awareness and raise funds towards cancer support programs and research. Proceeds from sales of my Louve de Laine’s hand knit pieces are donated to a range of charitable organizations such as Ovarian Cancer Canada, The Ottawa Hospital Foundation and the Canadian Cancer Foundation. The Inspiration behind my work comes from different stories of those affected by cancer. Whether I hear a famous person just diagnosed or it’s someone I read about or meet online, I know I have to do something. So I am knitting!

Most challenging project (and why)? A few years back I found this pattern for cute little ‘sock monkey’ baby booties. I attempted approximately 3-4 times to make them but they never turned out. Perhaps I’ll try again some day.

What’s your new favorite thing? Travelling!. And yes, for me this is a new thing. I never had that travel bug that everyone talked about but having recently taken my first overseas trip to Greece with my husband and kids, I now have this deep NEED to travel more. Italy perhaps should be next? Although spending a week down south on a beach with some knitting of course could also be quite nice.  

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