Meet Mallory from Kentucky, USA!
Mallory is an Art Therapist, currently residing in Louisville.

What are your favorites right now?
Yarn Store: Knit On! It was my first local yarn store in Newport, KY and is still my reigning favorite. The staff is always friendly and the selection is diverse and plentiful! They also have an adorable cat that wanders the store as you shop.
Yarn: Malabrigo and Noro provide such fun colors and textures to work with!

Why do you knit? I recently finished graduate school for art therapy and I’m currently working in a residential treatment facility for youth and adolescents. While I love my job a lot, self care is vital as a professional human helper and knitting is my go-to! I also knit because of my mom. She has influenced me so much and has taught me everything I know. She is a knitting and crochet wizard and is endlessly inspiring me to try new things! Together we have participated in two markets and donated all of our proceeds to charity. Being able to share our craft and give back to our community is another huge reason why I knit.

Most challenging project (and why)? I still fancy myself a newbie knitter and have not ventured into anything too complicated yet however I have been wanting to try my hand at my first garment and I recently cast-on my first garment project! I am using Caitlin Hunter’s Virgil top pattern which I hope will be challenging and will teach me new things!

What’s your new favorite thing? I just ordered the field bag from Fringe Supply Co. and I am way way excited about it. I love project bags and totes and probably have way too many!

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