Meet Patricia from NYC, USA!
Patricia has a full-time day job doing editorial work on books but always had her feet equally planted in a creative avenue, whether performing as a singer/songwriter, being a jewelry maker, embroidering spiders on everything, or writing knitting patterns.

What are your favorites right now?
Yarn Store: My LYS is Knitty City, which has a small-time vibe of friendliness but a big-city selection of yarn (shout-out to Pearl and Nancy!). I also like to find a yarn store whenever I travel so I can snag a skein or two (ahem) as a memento.
Yarn: I am a big fan of natural fibers, especially wool, and in usually a variegated color, but right now I am enchanted by speckled yarns and am knitting with Hedgehog Fibres and Q’ing Fibre yarn. I’ve knitted many projects with subtler variegated colors of Madelinetosh yarn, and the natural color alpaca yarn of Eden Cottage Yarns still makes me feel cozy all over.

Why do you knit? I need to do something with my yarn stash, right?! Really, I knit to relax, to work out creative ideas (I am inspired by all the colors!), to challenge myself with new techniques (next up: brioche knitting, which has intimidated me for a few years), and to create finished objects that I’ve made with my own two hands. My grandmother taught me to embroider and then to crochet when I was a child, but my life changed once a coworker taught me to knit. I quickly began to scrawl my own knitting patterns on graph paper and in the past year began formalizing them by typing them up and having patterns test-knitted, which has been another entire learning and growing experience. (As a rather introverted person, I’ve also appreciated the social nature online in the global knitting community, from shepherds and farmers to dyers and other knitters.)

Most challenging project (and why)? Starting to use fingering weight has been a challenge for me, as I’ve mostly knitted with DK and chunkier yarns for years, but I’m trying! The most challenging project was a Fair Isle vest pattern . . . in which I learned to steek and do a large-scale colorwork project. I feel like I could go down the rabbit hole with colorwork, because the results can vary greatly by changing a few colors or switching which color is dominant in a row, and I’d like to explore ALL of the colors (LOL).

What’s your new favorite thing? After playing guitar for decades (but mostly by ear), I’ve begun taking piano lessons and trying to read sheet music. Jeezy cow! I feel like so fumbly when I look at sheet music, but I try to sneak in piano practice before work, on my lunch hour, and in the evening, so it’s safe to say I’m hooked! Music has always made itself at home in my head and heart.

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