Meet Brandon from Michigan, USA!
Brandon is a composer and bassoonist who recently graduated with a doctorate in music composition.

What are your favorites right now?
Yarn Store: Spun in Ann Arbor, MI, where I work. Before working at Spun, I already loved the shop for its community, warm and friendly atmosphere, and of course its variety of yarn. And now I get excited to work every single shift and to help others find what they love!
Yarn: Currently, It gets cold in Michigan, so I love rustic yarn with lots of weight! Right now, I’m obsessed with The Fibre Company’s Cumbria yarns for their color and texture and Swans Island’s bold All American line. Also Sincere Sheep’s Cormo yarn too.

Why do you knit? I knit first and foremost because I love making things with my hands. Both of my parents both work with their hands, mom’s a candle-maker and dad makes custom photo frames. It makes me so happy to find out that a new friend is a knitter, and I’ve made so many awesome friends through knitting circles and knitting in public!

Most challenging project (and why)? My most difficult project is the current one. I normally stick to projects with lots of color, but simple stitching! I’m making the Evenstar Shawl by Susan Pandorf right now out of Anzula’s Cloud yarn, and while I am loving the project so far, I’m super new to lace!

What’s your new favorite thing? Throughout my career, I’ve worked with college level students. Recently, however, I worked with children in Chicago who are Syrian and Congolese refugees with my group the Trade Winds Ensemble, and I have a new-found love of working with young kids. Music has the ability to transcend SO many human boundaries between people. I can not wait for my next opportunity to work with children and to do so throughout my life as a musician!

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