Meet Ami from near London, UK!
Ami is an awkward Brit who loves to knit!

What are your favorites right now?
Yarn Store: Sincerely Louise – the store is so quirky and unique, and I loveeee the faux taxidermy knits!
Yarn: Storyteller Fluff from Knits & Knots Tahoe! All the colors are to die for, and for me it is utterly brilliant that they are all hand-dyed.

Why do you knit? I adore coming home after a full-on day at school and knit after I’ve finished all of my homework. It really helps me unwind, and the sense of achievement I feel after completing a project is brilliant. I also love being able to make and customize presents for all of my friends (although I’m sure they must get quite fed up of receiving yet another knitted toy or beanie!). I was originally taught by my Grandma, although for around 2 years I could never seem to master the purl stitch – I am still not sure why and am now very embarrassed as it is so simple! However, after having being taught the basics, I figured out the rest myself, through various YouTube videos and books from the library.

Most challenging project (and why)? As strange as it seems, the project that I’ve found the hardest is a Miffy doll. I am not particularly used to working with 3-4 double pointed needles as well as a circular needle in the same pattern, and so was extremely confused when I attempted this project! However I would definitely like to try it in the future when I have improved.

What’s your new favorite thing? I was just recently given the ‘holographic stick’ cream highlighter from Milk Makeup and the pigmentation is absolutely gorgeous. I feel like a cosmic princess every time I wear it!

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