Meet Vithard from Denmark!
Vithard is a knitwear designer and knitting teacher. He teaches and gives lectures all over the world. Vithard is one of the judges on The Great Knit Off and known as The Prince of Knitting. His first book of knitting patterns will be out this fall.

What are your favorites right now?
Yarn Store: I really like it when stores carry a wide range of different yarns, soft ones, scratchy ones, brightly colored ones and more natural colors, and at the same time display them in a way that sparks my creativity. In Denmark, my favorite is Tind Textil & Kunst and abroad it is either The Purple Purl in Toronto or Brooklyn General Store in New York.
Yarn: I have several, but at the moment: BC Garn Semilla Melange and Isager Tvinni.

Why do you knit? Working with yarn or thread in general has always been something that people did in my family, and both of my grand mothers were very skilled. When I was taught in school around age 10, I thought it was so much fun that I knitted more than one of that garter stitch rectangle we were supposed to. To me, knitting is playing with and examining the creation of shapes and surfaces, seeing what kind of magic can be created with two sticks and a piece of string.

Most challenging project (and why)? It must be TREKANT, which will be included in my upcoming book. You start out by knitting a shawl, which you fold into a shape from which you pick up stitches and knit the rest of the sweater. The most challenging was trying to figure out how to write the descriptions so that knitters can recreate the shape and stitch pattern from my words

What’s your new favorite thing? The wind on the Western Coast of Denmark! Walking on the beach while almost being pushed around by the wind is so fascinating, feeling the actual forces of nature. I look at the shapes the wind creates in the waves and the sand dunes, which can be so inspiring. It makes me humble and feel even more like I’m a part of nature.

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