Meet Patrick from NYC, USA!
Patrick is a computer nerd living in Brooklyn and stoked on knitting!


What are your favorites right now?
Yarn Store: Tough choice, I work in Soho so Purl Soho is super convenient and full of awesome stuff, but I reeeeeally like Woolyn in Brooklyn – really cool seasonal displays and a genuine friendly vibe.
Yarn: Right now it’s gotta be Malabrigo Rasta. It knits up really fast and comes in really cool colors.

Why do you knit? Lots of reasons I suppose! I find it really calming and very relaxing. I’m able to get into “the zone” and shut my brain off for a bit if I need to clear my head, but it’s also a great help if I need to keep my hands busy when I’m thinking about something complex. I find the knitting community to be warm and inviting, meeting other knitters is always great. Plus it’s really satisfying when the fruits of your labor is a really cool knitted thing.

Most challenging project (and why)? I recently made a cowl that I got the gauge way wrong on and it turned out more like a tube top. I tried to decrease in the middle of the project and then it just looked like a huge wizard hat. Obviously I’m still working on proper measuring for patterns lol.

What’s your new favorite thing? I’m moving apartments at the end of this month so currently my favorite thing is thinking about how I’m going to organize my yarn stash and set up a proper table for a few sewing projects I’ve been thinking about.

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