Meet Natalia from Russia who lives in Italy!
Natalia is a former legal consultant from Moscow who moved to Italy 10 years ago. She is currently a housewife with 2 children.


What are your favorites right now?
Yarn Store: In Italy there are small “mercerie” that sell just a few yarns and accessories, so I was happy to find Fiordilana where I can buy DROPS Design, Katia and Malabrigo yarn. Heidi the owner is always ready to help.
Yarn: I decided to experience some gorgeous british yarns and Eden Cottage Askham 4ply is the most beautiful yarn I’ve ever tried. I also hope to try soon some Studio Donegal tweed, as tweed is my favorite kind of fabric.

Why do you knit: Knitting cheers me up, makes me forget any problems. I’m happy to create unique garments for my children, for me and some friends. I like working with different colors, different yarns and knit many projects at the same time, so knitting is never boring.

Most challenging project? Cerisara cardigan, I liked the pattern but I had to make many modifications to make it perfect (to me).

What’s your new favorite thing?
Our new house, where I am planning to organize a space only for my knitting and sewing!

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