Meet Torill from Molde, a small town on the northwest coast of Norway!
Torill splits her time between studying to become a speech pathologist in Norway and living with her boyfriend in South Africa, and, of course, copious amounts of knitting in-between.

What are your favorites right now?
Yarn Store:
As with most places in Norway, there seem to be a yarn store on every street corner, and my favorite one is actually the closest shop to my house Inspirerende Hobby. I also often shop online, particularly at Garnius.
Yarn: At the moment I’m obsessed with merino and alpaca wool – it’s just so soft, especially Drops Air, but I also love Norwegian and Icelandic wool for its durability and quality. I’m also planning on exploring some more hand-dyed options as well.

Why do you knit? “If your grandmother could see you now” is what my mom always tells me because my grandmother was such an avid knitter, and in my family it’s been passed down through the generations. I learnt to knit a few years ago from a friend of mine and my mom, and it came quite naturally to me so I quickly became addicted. Now I knit because I can’t seem to be able to sit still without it. I also already have years worth of projects mapped out in my head so I can’t stop anytime soon.

Most challenging project? Writing patterns! Making them is easy and fun, but I just don’t have the patience to write them because in my head I’m already on my next project even before the last one is finished.

What’s your new favorite thing? Travelling, because the experiences are always new. I’ve also been living out of a suitcase for the most of my 20s so I don’t have a lot of material things, save for my knitting, obviously.


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