Meet Josep from Barcelona, Spain!
Josep is a makeup artist and hair stylist for catalogues and fashion editorials. He has been crocheting for 28 years. He is self-taught, curious and without fear! He likes to create things people don’t believe can be done with crochet.

What are your favorites right now?
Yarn Store:
I work with Katia Yarns, for their choice of materials and a sense of loyalty.
Yarn: I prefer light yarns. My projects use a fair amount of it and I must keep in mind the final weight of the garment.

Why do you crochet? Because I love creating with crochet using my hands and imagination. I also admire the traditional techniques, and I respect what craftsmen and women have done before. I also have so many things in my mind that want to be set free!

Most challenging project? All of my projects are challenging since I work without patterns. But, If I were to choose one, maybe the first collaboration I did with Spanish lingerie firm Andres_Sarda. It was the first time my creations were to be shown on a catwalk. It made the project more challenging than usual.

What’s your new favorite thing? Recently I discovered the marvelous fashion art by Iris Van Herpen. I’d like to make something similar with crochet. Impossible? We’ll see. Oh, and I’m making a jersey for me for the first time.


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