Meet Stefania from Italy!
Stefania lives in Umbria, known as ‘the green heart of Italy’ in the town of Assisi. Since childhood she likes to knit and crochet for her family, friends and herself..She loves to go out hiking in the Umbrian valleys.

What are your favorites right now?
Yarn Store:
Unfortunately there are no yarn shops here, only “mercerie” (haberdashery). I usually buy leftover yarn from knitwear factories. This yarn is very thin and has to be plied several times. It also requires knowledge of the yarn to recognize the most prized because it doesn’t usually have a brand. Maybe one day I will open my own yarn shop…
Yarn: All natural fibres.

Why do you knit? When I was eight years old, a neighbor who was deaf-mute taught me how to knit.She took my hands and guided them until I learned how to do it. I spent the most beautiful afternoons of my childhood with her. The feeling of peace and happiness that comes from knitting has stayed with me. I still have the doll with the first knitted garment I made.

Most challenging project? Lately I’m trying to make and write my own patterns. My first free pattern on Ravelry is called UMBRIA.

What’s your new favorite thing? My craft room, where I have all my treasures (stash).


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