Meet Emma from the UK now living in the Yarra Valley, Australia!
Emma has been knitting for around 18 months and crocheting since she qualified as a social worker in 2011.

What are your favorites right now?
Yarn Store:
Greedily, I have two! Knitworking based in Nottingham, UK and Crumbz Craft in Healesville, Australia. I love them both for the kindness and knowledge that they have shared with me, over and above that of ‘just a customer’. It’s helped me to feel part of this wild and woolly community!
Yarn: I have traveled to Bendigo Woollen Mills and their luxury DK and 4ply are smooth and easy to use (not to mention excellent value for money). For color I have to blow the trumpet for Travelknitter and her impeccable BFL sock yarn. The saturation in her colorways creates these vibrant yarns that I find really therapeutic to work with.

Why do you knit? For me, knitting and crocheting started as survival at a difficult time when I required total brain immersion. Slowly, it has metamorphosed into this act of radical self-care. For me doing anything creative is an act of self-esteem. Sitting down and knitting a few rows, reminds me that I am enough and I have everything I need. Oh and that I can do hard things, because sometimes in the middle of a project, just showing up is a miracle!

Most challenging project? In terms of actual knitting, the Rheinlust shawl by Melanie Berg had me debating giving up entirely (I’m terribly over dramatic at times). The pattern itself was written beautifully, but it was mainly fiddly back-loops work and the pattern repeat would not stick in my mind. I learned persistence and trying to find joy in being present with the knitting alone from that project!

What’s your new favorite thing? Working in the countryside! If someone had told me a year ago that I would love working outside in the rain and cold – I would laughed in their face. But I love being surrounded by all this crazy, living, breathing world and covered in muck at the end of the day!


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