Meet Anne from Australia! 🇦🇺 @anne_loves_yarn
Anne will knit here, there, and everywhere (and she will also crochet a bit). The beautiful Central Coast of New South Wales is her home, surrounded by national parks, tranquil waterways and spectacular coastal scenery.


What are your favorites right now?
Yarn Store: 
Skein Sisters in Dulwich Hill, Sydney. Online: Colorsong Yarn
Yarn: So many! Anything dyed by Katrina of Pirate Purl Yarns. Anything with silk in it. At present, I am also enjoying knitting up a snuggly winter jumper in Debbie Bliss Donegal Luxury Aran Tweed. (I’m on Version 2, after frogging the first pattern catastrophe!)

Why do you knit? I love the magic art of taking some string, a couple of sticks for tools and tangling it up to make something unique and beautiful! Knitting keeps my brain ticking over; is a creative outlet and an essential part of time I make for myself to be mindful and present. It’s also a social thing – I love to knit with others and have found some fantastic friends and groups to knit with, in public places too!

Most challenging project? First ever socks! Last year, my friend and I decided to teach ourselves to knit socks – toe up, two at a time, using the magic loop method. Armed with our yarn, circular needles, iPad, YouTube clips and copious amount of coffee, we laughed and frogged our way through more errors than trials, until we finally mastered the basics. Now I don’t know why we thought it was such a daunting challenge – fear of the unknown perhaps!

What’s your new favorite thing? I have just begun exploring Tunisian crochet. It promises to be an exciting new adventure.


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