Meet Selena from Croatia! 🇭🇷 @selena_gazda
Selena has started a small fashion and costume design business in Bjelovar, a small and peaceful town, where she’s been designing knitwear since 2015.

What are your favorites right now?
Yarn Store:
Under the hills of Velebit, a rocky national park in Croatia, there’s the cutest little yarn shop called Igla & Kukica (meaning Needle & Hook), owned by a young biologist and businesswoman from Krasno. She sells mostly natural fibers, which is very important to me as a designer since I’m striving for highest possible quality of my designs and overall sustainability.
Yarn: Combining three or more different yarns and knitting them as one is something I love to do! This way unique designs and textiles are created with the best properties from each individual yarn. Still, the one I love most is Drops Brushed Alpaca Silk – it’s  multifunctional – with it, one can make a loose knit jumper using thick needles, and yet it will still be so warm and cozy! It works for see-through dresses as well as for combining it with thicker, rough wool yarns.

Why do you knit? It was inevitable! I was in love with it when I didn’t even know the difference between knit and purl. My great-grandmother used to knit for a living, passed it onto my grandma who taught my mom. Teaching me was a joint effort by both of my grandmas and my mom (all the women in my family knit). Since graduation on Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb my goal was creating a personal form of expression. Knitting won me over due to its meditative qualities but it is also a challenging process in exploring different textures and patterns.

Most challenging project? Every micro-thin mohair pullover. It’s very silly, I know, but patience isn’t one of my virtues. Long lasting knitting with extra thin needles is too frustrating – when the results don’t appear immediately, I tend to give up and keep the project waiting for better days.

What’s your new favorite thing?  After the long hours spent sitting on the couch, the best way to stay flexible is yoga, and Mandala Yoga Studio teachers make me feel those muscles I never knew existed.


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