Meet Badea from Amman, Jordan! 🇯🇴 @knitknotjo
Badea is a civil engineer by day, but transforms to a hardcore knitter after her engineering day is over.


What are your favorites right now?
Yarn Store:
Istanbuli Yarn Shop in Amman and Effiloché in Montreal.
Yarn: Alize, Blackstone and Charly.

Why do you knit? The moment I hold the knitting needles it’s just me, my project and nothing else. The feeling of zoning out and only focusing on my dexterity is the best thing you’ll ever witness.

Most challenging project? I tried knitting a pair of socks once, the hardest thing ever! You need to be fully focused when it comes to their size, shape and of course the design. My first knitted socks were a gift to my nephew and he barely takes them off now!

What’s your new favorite thing? I’m starting to be fond of styling and shooting after finishing my knitted projects. The whole styling scene is a world of its own!


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