Meet Na from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! @pashknit
Na is currently taking some time away from the fast paced built environment and spending it making toys for PashKnit, her knitting venture.

Whaat are your favorites right now?
Yarn Store:
Yarn (the good one) is difficult to find here in KL, so I’ve been getting mine from everywhere I can, including web-stores such as Love Knitting. Recently however, I stumbled upon a quaint LYS – a well kept secret.
Yarn: If I have to choose a kind, I’d certainly say those silky & soft bamboo cotton ones with subtle sheen. Living within the tropical climate, one would mostly appreciate the cooling traits those yarn provide.

Why do you knit? It began a few Christmases ago while looking for presents for our nieces. Store-bought toys loose their charm quickly so I thought – why not to learn to make unique toys/keepsakes instead. Seeing that I’m terrible at sewing, knitting appeared to be a choice with a much better success rate. After hours of getting tangled in yarn like a silly cat, unintentional holes in swatches, countless YouTube tutorials and an attempt involving a broken needle (now framed as a memento), I fell deeply in love with the “mechanics” of knitting – especially where much complex shaping is a concern. It’s quite exciting to watch how strands of yarn form shapes with just a few manipulations of techniques! Also, how could you ignore those gleeful moments when someone finds a hand knitted item as a present? “Love put into every stitch knitted”, they say…

Most challenging project? It has to be the toy foxes! I was only about 6 months into knitting and Christmas was fast approaching. One of our nieces asked for a pink fox (she wanted a sidekick of her own, thanks to The Little Prince). I couldn’t find a suitable pattern so I decided to create one of my own. It took some good 3 months of determination to quickly learn new shaping techniques, develop the design, write out the pattern, create prototypes and finally have a finished item! Well worth the efforts, I must say… I’ve made five of them since, including a recently ordered one, so, credits goes to the little darling for getting the ball rolling!

What’s your new favorite thing? Cooking, particularly Nyonya cuisine – although I’m not too sure if I should say it’s a new thing. Perhaps rediscovered explains it best. You see, I grew up with Grandma’s (who is of Peranakan heritage and a gifted all rounder) hearty cooking. Her cookbooks are currently with my aunts but it didn’t stop me from carrying out the many experiments in the kitchen. I tried recreating our favorite dishes based on her recipes, tastes & whatever fond memories/tips I could muster from the times spent with her as a child. Some attempts failed miserably but there were also successful ones (with minor adjustments of my own) which is currently being compiled into a journal. Just as my Grandpa did.


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